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In need of relaxation, craving for supple soft and well hydrated skin, in need of redefining your silhouette and to increase the firmness and tone of your skin, your certified Yon-Ka beautician can recommend the aromatic treatment that is best suited to your needs and expectations


A true boost that both prevents and treats sagging skin, this treatment stimulates the vitality and firmness of contours. It owes its effectiveness to highly targeted Yon-Ka techniques and concentrated active ingredients, centered on rosemary with its strong firming properties, along with its precious regenerative allies: hops, sage, beech buds, silicon, and anti-free-radical vitamin E.

Results : rejuvenated, the body appears to take on a new, firmer, younger skin that is incomparably soft and smooth.

Use as part of an intensive treatment, for maintenance, after a change in weight, after pregnancy, or for age management of the contours (to combat the passage of time).



Detoxifying, relaxing aromatic treatment Enhances the process of eliminating toxins, thanks to special Yon-Ka techniques for contouring or draining and a warm cocoon (damp wrap).

Results: a pure delicate feel.

Advised for sports lovers, stressed and tired people, for those who want to keep their figure, for a change in seasons, or prior to a slimming treatment program.



 A warm aromatic massage and thermal wrap with essential oils. This treatment is used for slimming, anti-water retention or dimpling. This is a must have for clients looking to sculpt and contour their figures. $125