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Come in...our Relaxation Room is ready for you to use before or after your therapeutic massage. Take those extra minutes to sip a beverage and let the spa feeling seep into your core. And if you’d like Aromatherapy, just ask before your session. We are happy to include it in all of our massage therapies.


Add on Reflexology to any massage 30 min $40 ~ Reflexology is a form of bodywork applying pressure to reflex spots on the hands and feet to reduce pain and or other benefits for the body.

Relaxation Massage  60 min $70, 90 min $95- Offers gentle to medium pressure. This massage enhances the body's natural functioning, improves muscle tone, circulation and flexibility.  It counters the effects of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep.

Therapeutic Massage  60 min $75, 90 min $100 Uses more intensive techniques focused on specific needs associated with injury, chronic conditions or muscle tension.  It helps to release chronic patterns of tension in the body and decrease pain.

Deep Tissue Massage  60 min $80.00, 90 min $110.00- Uses deep pressure throughout the entire session, this focuses on the deep layer of muscle commonly associated with chronic pain.

Prenatal Massage 60 min $85- A relaxing massage for mothers to be.  This helps relieve anxiety, stress, and the common aches associated with pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage 60 min $85, 90 min $115 - Uses the application of water heated basalt lava stones to direct heat to the deeper layer of muscles and creates a deep sense of comfort and warmth. Hot stones allow the body to release patterns of tension and stress.

Himalayan Hot Stone 60 min $90, 90 min $120 ~ Too many positive ions in the body leads to inflammation. massaging with himalayan salt stones balances the positive ions with the negative ones, reducing inflammation, which may cause pain and illness.

Herbal Detox: facial mask & body massage combo. This two-in-one spa treatment offers the best of both words, providing benefits to your skin as well as your aching muscles. This aromatic treatment smells delicious and feels amazing. Organic and wild harvested herbs from mother nature’s garden are used to soothe your body and spirit. This session includes a lavender infused hydrotherapy treatment and body massage, an herbal aromatherapy facial steam, a green clay & lavender detox face mask, and a hydrating essential oil infused serum, paired with a hot and cold stone facial massage. This combo is the perfect spa treatment for someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of facial/massage and aromatherapy in one treatment. Read more of the benefits below. This service is available as a full spa treatment, or you may add on individual enhancements to an existing massage.

Full Spa Treatment (includes all enhancements)
$160 90 min
$190 120 min

(Please note, this spa treatment does not include microdermabrasion, extractions, or skin analysis. Please schedule a facial or skincare service with a staff member who is a skincare specialist for these services.)

Please call to schedule a couples massage as our online booking will not group this appointment with our second massage therapist. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.

Couples Massage 60 min $180 90 min $250.00

Relax together in our large room and let the music take you and your loved one away, Although couples massage can certainly be romantic, sessions are also the ideal time to bond and relax with a dear friend or family member. Mothers and daughters can become closer, and best friends can visit while letting stress slip away over the table.

Express Massage : 30 min $45  These massages focus on your Back, neck, shoulders & arms primarily. 

AROMATHERAPY IS COMPLIMENTARY Just ask at the beginning of your service

Add on any one of our add on services. please see our al la carte menu